Slim Shooters are a pocket shot, 25ml, room temperature, 17.5% abv flavored shot

Strawberry Cheesecake – Now you can have your cheesecake, and drink it too! … Strawberry Cheesecake! … an amazing flavor balance of Strawberry Cheesecake and vanilla cream in a new, incredibly convenient, pocket shooter! …say “cheese”!

Salted Caramel Pecan – Slim Shooters Salted Caramel Pecan vanilla cream shooter! … We took salted caramel and added an amazing new twist! … Then carefully blended it with cream and almost 18% alcohol to give you the perfect party companion in a brand new convenient pocket-sized shooter! … Cheers!

Oatmeal Cookie – Don’t say we didn’t warn you! … The new Slim Shooters Oatmeal Cookie cream shooter! …35 proof, lightly sweet vanilla cream, amazing oatmeal cookie taste, with just a hint of cinnamon …Mom never made cookies like this! … Cheers!

Banana Cream – We’d like to say that this is the perfect holiday treat, but only if we can “holiday” every day! … Think of the best banana cream pie you’ve ever had, then add an interesting adult twist, that fits in your pocket! … Hopefully you’re wearing flip-flops, because it’ll knock your socks off! … Cheers!

Peaches and Cream – Tasty Georgia peach carefully blended with a rich vanilla cream in an all new, convenient, alcohol shooter! …Peaches and Cream Slim Shooter…The perfect addition to any party! … Cheers!

Chocolate Mint – For the chocolate lover in all of us! … Slim Shooters has created the first ever pocket-sized chocolate shooter, and even added just enough mint flavor to give you the perfect chocolate mint adult treat! … Think of it as an after dinner chocolate mint, but perfect anytime! … Cheers!

Raspberry Lemonade ~ only Slim Shooters has a way to bring you a Pocket-sized Summer favorite all year long!…the new Slim Shooter Raspberry Lemonade Vodka Shot!..if there’s a way to stuff Summer in your pocket, this is it!…cheers!

Black & Blue ~ bruise up your palate, with tangy Blackberry, and juicy Blueberry flavor!…with amazing flavors, second only to the actual fruits themselves, Black & Blue gives you a cocktail shot that will have you stuffing your pockets!…because you can!…cheers!

Granny Apple ~ like a refreshingly crisp Granny Smith apple, but in a convenient adult cocktail shot!…at almost 18% ABV, we might just suggest avoiding the entire Bushel!…Cheers!

Coconut Lime ~ Tropical Coconut with a hint of Lime!…we bring the Islands to you, in a convenient pocket-sized cocktail shot, in a unique Tropical flavor combination that will make your friends envious…cheers!

Just Grape ~ what else can we say about the best Grape Vodka Shooter you’ll ever try?…deliciously tangy Grape flavor, carefully blended with almost 18% alcohol and brought to you in a convenient pocket-sized cocktail shot!..nothing tricky here!…Just Grape!…Cheers!

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