As refreshing as it sounds!

From its humble roots in Spain, to the 1964 World’s Fair, to various fruity wine punch concoctions now available in restaurants all over the world today; Slim Chillers has taken Sangria to a whole new level with aromatic blackberry and tart pomegranate flavors to create a frozen Sangria to truly reminisce about….Cheers!

A mouthwatering frozen twist on a traditional Italian Cocktail.

Originally created in the 1960’s, from a blend of crushed strawberries and sparkling wine. Toss in some grapefruit and Slim Chillers punches up your palate to bring a delicious balance to the sweet softness of strawberry. Just the right amount of sweet and tart to round out an already perfect day…Cheers!

A frozen concoction that would make even Giuseppe Cipriani proud!

Named after the color of toga worn by a saint in a painting by the 15th Century Venetian artist Giovanni Bellini; the creative barman, and founder of Harry’s Bar, created the now famous pink cocktail in 1948 in Venice Italy. Slim Chillers takes the Bellini to a whole new level with the addition of mango to accompany the incredible flavors (and colors) in this delectable peach cocktail. The only thing missing is an Italian sunset…Cheers!