Costco Is Selling Frozen Wine Pops Just In Time For Summer

Wine by the pop is the new wine by the glass.

Here’s the low-down on frozen cocktail etiquette this summer, folks: Glasses are out and cocktail pops are in. Freezer pops—both alcoholic and not—are a thrilling-to-devour summer staple. Frozen wine pops are arguably the best adult version, and some were recently spotted back in Costco stores just in time for summer.

An Instagram account called The Costco Connoisseur shared a photo of these frozen wine pops made by the brand Slim Chillers. Each container fits 12 pops that have eight percent alcohol in them. Instead of being limited to one flavor, the containers have a variety including orangeberry mimosa, blackberry pomegranate sangrini, strawberry grapefruit rossini, and peach mango bellini.

…Yes, some of those flavor names involve made up words, but they sound refreshing nevertheless. They’re available at Costco stores in the states of Texas, Oregon, and Virginia for $19.99. If you don’t live in one of those states, don’t panic; the wine pops are available to order on Slim Chillers’ website.

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Slim Chillers specializes in “skinny” freezer drinks, so that means all of their cocktail ice pops are designed to have less calories than regular frozen cocktails do. They’re meant to be a healthier alternative but still taste great. Who wouldn’t love a delicious drink rid of extra calories? They also sell other cocktail-centric ice pop flavors including lemon drop, cosmopolitan, appletini, and watermelon lemonade. Hopefully those and the wine cocktails make their way to Costco stores all across the country ASAP.